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The Berkshire

The Berkshire

Sometimes pronounced bark - shire.  This is a very different breed of pig because it has excess marbling in the meat.  It is yet another slow growing black pig that carries a lot of fat.  Its hair isnt quite as course as some of the other breeds like the  Wessex Saddleback.

This is such a cute pig that it is easy to convince yourself you must have them.  Be careful, know your market before you take this breed on.  It has been likened to Wagyu beef but the tide of popularity has now turned on that market so be wary.

The Berkshire is popular with restaurants but ask yourself when was the last time you saw it in a butcher shop?

You really must be ready to market you own pork if you decide to keep this breed.

Again, you can use them in a cross breeding program with great success.

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